WeHello!! We are Pooja & Yashit, wander lusters, aspiring globe-trotters, cubicle-dreamers aka a normal 9-5 working couple who frequently end up lusting after places that the World Wide Web throws at us. To be honest, the joy of travelling is something that we have discovered just recently. If we would sit down to count the number of trips that we both had taken before 2012, we could literally count them on our fingers. We never really were big travelers and we didn’t have any travelling experience. So an overseas trip was something that we had never even considered doing.

After finishing our engineering, we got a job in the same firm in Mumbai, got married and settled down in our everyday routines. Things were pretty much the same until we were chosen for a long deputation in Norway. That trip changed our lives; it opened a world full of possibilities. The moment we set foot in Norway, life took a detour from the usual monotonous to something that would throw us a curveball almost every day! And that was where we discovered our passion for travel, of discovering new places. We were novices at it so needless to say there were struggles, ups & downs, tantrums thrown around. But the feeling, that rush while planning a new vacation to the feeling of pure joy on being there & experiencing different things balanced it all perfectly.

So we traveled around Norway a bit (Bergen, Oslo & Stavanger), a few places in Europe (Amsterdam, Austria, Prague and Switzerland) and then we were back in India. The deputation was over but the wanderlust stayed. So before we knew it we were packing our bags for Down Under. On an epic trip to Australia, we tried to cover most of the East Coast (Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island and Cairns). And now we are back to Mumbai again (in our cubicles) and planning our next trip. Up next, we are looking to explore India first and then look for adventures beyond!!


We love going to new places. If we are honest, then we'd be quitting our desk jobs and keep on travelling endlessly. But let's keep this real!! That scenario will be something straight out of our Parallel Universe!! So we know we cannot quit, there are a LOT of parameters involved in that. But we can certainly re-live the memories that we created!! And what better way to do that than documenting our travels? What better way than blogging about it?


We know that there are a lot more other awesome travel websites. So what’s different over here? And more importantly, why should YOU read it?

Welllll, if you are anything like us then you know what it is to juggle between incorporating that one extra day in your vacation and re-joining your cubicle in time and saving your annual leaves for that one family festival (s)(?) AND going easy on your pocket!! The struggle is real, my friend!!

So down here we will help you plan a vacation that you can enjoy as well as accommodate in your tight schedule. We will share the useful bits of information that we discovered while planning our trip and try to break down a place for you so that it becomes easier for YOU to plan it out. Whenever we visit a new place, we try to cover all the possible sightseeing attractions so the vacation that we took to relax becomes an exhausting nightmare. Here, we will suggest itineraries that will be comprehensive yet feasible enough, one that you can follow without leaving you gasping from the running around that you will do the entire day. And we promise to do alllllll of this without wandering into la la land. :-)

So if you have liked what you have read till now then hop on board for some more fun!! Hope you enjoy our travel tales and hope they help you as much; look forward to see you more! Thanks for visiting this website!!

P.S. On a completely unrelated note, whenever we visit a new place, we follow a pattern. While I am usually lost in staring at the sheer beauty of a place, Yashit acts as my memory drive – backing up every moment that our travels offer us. So while he is busy trying to take the perfect shot, I am busy doing this:


Do you do this too? 😉 You can share your stories with us here.